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When it comes to lawn care, regardless of your chosen method of cutting grass, it is vital that your lawn mower blades are well maintained.

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Tips for Lawn Mower Blade Maintenance and Use:

  • Use a lawn mower blade that is designed for the specific job you plan to do. Most mowers come with multi-purpose blades, but if you are only going to use the mower for bagging or mulching, your lawn mower dealer can recommend the ideal lawn mower blade for your chosen mower.
  • Clean the lawn mower blade and the mower’s undercarriage after each use to prevent layers of grass from packing in around the lawn mower blade.
  • Move any rocks, sticks, etc… that could nick the lawn mower blade as you cut your yard.
  • Your lawn mower blades should be sharpened after every 8-12 hours of usage.

By properly maintaining your lawn mower blade's cutting edge, you can ensure that your lawn will look its best. Another reason for keeping your lawn mower blade sharpened is that a dull blade will rip and pull the blades of grass which will damage the grass causing it to turn brown and have a jagged edge.

A well maintained lawn mower blade is the key to having an impressive lawn. Frequent sharpening of your lawn mower blade makes the difference between a beautiful lawn and “just a yard”. Average looking yards can be found everywhere; make yours the one everybody is talking about.

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