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Sharpening Innovation

For BFD Flat Bottom Sharpening, we use Blademaster equipment and innovation. Blademaster holds several Patents, with other Patents Pending. All Blademaster equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada which yields an uncompromised commitment to quality.

What is Blade Hollow?

Skate sharpening redefines the radius of the hollow of the skate blade. The "correct" hollow varies from skater to skater, and is dependent on: weight, activity, personal preference and ice conditions. A smaller radius (or deeper hollow) such as 1/4 inch facilitates a sharper edge and deeper penetration into the ice. A larger radius (or shallow hollow) such as 1 inch facilitates skating on top of the ice. Most skaters are somewhere in between.

Traditionally, skate sharpening is based on creating a radius of hollow (RoH) in a skate blade, which enables the skater to skate on two sharp, square edges. There is not one magic (RoH) for every skater. Each hollow has its advantages and each skater makes an evaluation as to which is best for them. The profile of a skate hollow is not limited to a radius - there is an infinite number of shapes including BFD FLAT BOTTOM that can be sharpened onto a skate blade.

Flat Bottom: New Architecture

Blademaster's BFD system optimizes the trade-off between bite and glide. We have reduced the area between the "flat" portion of the skate blade and the ice. This reduces the build up of ice/snow/water and improves glide. However we have done so without compromising the strength and integrity of the sharpened edges! Blademaster's edges retain a partial radius because…

The benefits of an arch (radius) design have ben recognized for thousands of years. Throughout history, the arch has always been a significant design element for load bearing structures. The structural benefit of an arch is that it transfers the load being suspended into compressive forces along the pathway of the arch. There are no tensile forces over the suspended shape. Also, the arch helps to eliminate stress concentration points.