Ottawa Skate Sharpening and More

Blades & Things started in Nova Scotia back in 1990, thanks in part, to our son Joseph. Blades & Things grew from selling product from the trunk of our car to a thriving store front in less than a year. Seeing as Nova Scotia had so few male figure skaters we could not get any product for Joseph. Joe's first figure skates were white ones we painted black. We could not get black laces so he skated in black skates with white laces. Finding a good precision skate sharpener was difficult, there were only two and they were not close to the rinks. We started to order products from other provinces and from the USA for Joseph. Other skating families then starting asking us to order some items for them at the same time. We started bringing in some extra items (guards, laces, polish, etc) so they were readily available and we literally worked "from the trunk of our car". It was clear a business opportunity existed. We opened our first shop in Bedford.

We sold skates, did blade mounting and carried a line of Canadian made clothing as well as figure skating products. We initially did not sharpen skates, however we did provide a service where we went to all the rinks, picked up skates, drove them to the sharpener and then returned them. We took a chance that we could make a go of the business as a full time operation for Dale. So Dale, after getting his sharpening training from Neil Carpenter (of Mariposa fame), quit his full time job and started working Blades & Things full time.

Dale has now been sharpening for over 20 years and with his patience and dedication to detail, you will find no better. Our customers come from miles away just to have Dale sharpen their skates and they will attest to his ability. The iplay hockey site has given him the title of “Eastern Ontario’s Premier Skate Sharpener”. 

If you like our work, tell others; if you are not happy tell us, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

We appreciate all of your past business, your dedication to us and we look forward to meeting all of your future needs.  

Dale and Barbara